How Long Does a Raccoon Live? What Affect Their Lifespan

Have you ever been curious about How Long Does a Raccoon Live? These furry bandits captivate us with their clever antics and charming masks. Raccoons are usually seen in urban areas and although they typically stay for just a few minutes, there’s no doubt that these adaptable animals could stick around if necessary. But what is the longevity of a raccoon? When looking at wild populations, the answer can vary greatly depending on where they happen to be living. In this blog post, we’ll be exploring exactly how long raccoons can live in both wild and captive environments. Read on to find out some fascinating information about these unique creatures!

How long does a raccoon live?

Generally, raccoons in the wild live between two and three years. However, some raccoons may live up to 20 years in captivity, with proper care and nutrition. The life expectancy of a raccoon is largely dependent on how they are able to survive against various predators such as bobcats, coyotes, and owls. In urban areas where there is less risk of attack from another animal, raccoons may have longer lifespans due to the abundance of food available. That is How Long Does a Raccoon Live?

How Long Does a Raccoon Live
How Long Does a Raccoon Live

Additionally, how well the animals are taken care of also impacts how long they will live; for instance providing them with proper veterinary care when necessary can prolong their lives. Overall, taking into account all factors that can influence their lifespan, it is safe to say that raccoons typically have a life expectancy of between two and twenty years.

The average raccoon life cycle

Newborn Raccoons

Raccoons mate in the late winter and early spring. Females only give birth once per year. They have a gestation period of roughly twomonts, and a litter size of between three and five. Baby raccoons are blind for the first few weeks, but can start to walk after about four weeks.

Within just a few weeks, adorable baby raccoons, playfully called “kits,” start taking their first wobbly steps. But beware, little ones, for lurking beyond the shadows are hungry coyotes, ready to snatch up these pint-sized, innocent explorers.

Year One

At one year old, male raccoons have reached adulthood. Females will reach maturity slightly later at around 18 months old. Both sexes are now able to mate and reproduce.

Discover the enchanting journey of baby raccoons as they transform and venture into adulthood. Nestled safely with their mothers for the initial 6-8 months, these youngsters conquer essential survival skills like cunning foraging techniques and masterfully evading predators.

As they blossom into their first year, raccoons embrace the hermit life, while delving into the art of finding food in their omnivorous wonderland. With males reaching maturity at 2 years and females after just 1, these captivating critters continue to dazzle in the wild, thriving and exploring the world on their own.

Mature Raccoons

When raccoons hit the ripe old age of two, they’re officially full-grown adults! These mischievous critters can weigh anywhere from a small sack of potatoes to a large watermelon, depending on their grub situation.

And speaking of grub, raccoons fancy themselves little food connoisseurs, washing their meals just like us humans! Sadly, these dapper adult raccoons are often living on borrowed time, as their wild lifestyles and environmental challenges mean they may only rock the raccoon world for a few short years.

Mature raccoons typically live between two and three years in the wild, unless they fall victim to predators or disease before then. In captivity however, with proper care and nutrition, some raccoons can live up to 20 years!

Obviously how long a raccoon lives can vary greatly depending on how safe it is from predators and how well it’s taken care of in captivity. In any case, it’s important to understand how its life cycle works so that you can provide proper care for these animals during each stage of their life. Knowing how long a raccoon typically lives can also help you be prepared when it comes time to plan for them in your home or around your property. Ultimately, learning about how long a raccoon lives should give you an idea of the type of commitment you would need if they become part of your family!

How Long Does a Raccoon Live
How Long Does a Raccoon Live

How does their lifespan compare to possums?

The lifespan of a possum varies from species to species, with some living up to 8 years in the wild and 12 years in captivity. Generally speaking though, possums tend to live shorter lives than raccoons. So while you may not have as much time to enjoy these furry critters as you would a raccoon, they’re sure worth it!

Discover what factors affect the lifespan of a raccoon

From their diet to how they interact with humans, these amazing creatures are well worth the effort!

Raccoons are fascinating animals that can live long and healthy lives with proper care and nutrition. Understanding How Long Does a Raccoon Live can help you make informed decisions about how best to share your space with them. With knowledge of their life cycle, you’ll be better prepared to understand how long a raccoon typically lives and how to properly care for them throughout each stage of their life.

How to make sure your pet raccoon lives longer?

A healthy diet is key for pet raccoons, so make sure your furry friend has access to a variety of nutritious foods. This can include fruits, veggies, grains and proteins like eggs or cooked chicken. Be sure to avoid feeding them sweets or processed food as this can have adverse effects on their health in the long run.

Additionally, providing your pet raccoon with plenty of space and activities will help keep them active and entertained which can lead to a longer life span. Lastly, regular check-ups with a veterinarian should be done to ensure that your pet raccoon is living its best life! Read more at

How Long Does a Raccoon Live
How Long Does a Raccoon Live

Help prolong the life of wild raccoons

Wild raccoons are vulnerable to many environmental hazards, so if you come across one, consider how you can help! Make sure their habitat is free from pollutants and other toxins that can reduce their lifespan. Additionally, keep a safe distance and avoid contact or feeding them as this can cause increased stress for the animal. You should also make sure to discourage any human-raccoon interaction in order to minimize health risks for both parties. By taking these steps, you’ll be helping wild raccoons live long and healthy lives in the wild.


In the wild, raccoons typically live between two and three years. In captivity, with proper care and nutrition, some can live up to 20 years! Possums generally have a shorter lifespan than raccoons, usually living up to 8-12 years. To ensure your pet raccoon lives its longest life possible, provide them with a healthy diet and plenty of space for activities. If you come across a wild raccoon, keep a safe distance and discourage any human-raccoon interaction in order to minimize health risks for both parties. Ultimately how long a raccoon will live depends on how it is cared for and how it interacts with its environment.

Conclusion: How long does a raccoon live?

Raccoons typically live between two and three years in the wild, but with proper nutrition, care and safety from predators, they can live up to 20 years in captivity. Knowing how long a raccoon typically lives and how their life cycle works will help you be better prepared when it comes to caring for these amazing animals. With the right diet and environment, your pet raccoon can lead a longer, happier life!

FAQ raccoon

How old was the oldest raccoon?

Farewell to Bert the charming raccoon, who captured hearts as one of Northumberland Zoo’s earliest inhabitants. At the respectable age of 13, Bert leaves behind a legacy of sweetness, having made his grand entrance back in 2010.

How old is a full grown raccoon?

Rising Raccoons: Who knew these furry little creatures only reach adulthood at the ripe age of two? With weights ranging from a mere 5 pounds to a whopping 20, it’s clear their feasting habits matter. And when it comes to dining, these masked mischief-makers have a sophisticated side – they daintily wash their meals before indulging, just like us humans!

How big can a raccoon get?

Ever wondered about the captivating raccoons? They flaunt a varying weight of 10-20 pounds, while the charming males outshine females in size. Sporting an enchanting length of 23-38 inches, their bewitching tails play a significant role!

Why do raccoons only live 2 to 3 years?

Raccoons – those masked bandits of the animal kingdom – may only live about five years in the wild, but some can thrive for over a decade with a smorgasbord of food and cozy dens. Beware, though, as raccoon life is perilous; half of these clever critters meet their end before they even turn one, falling victim to sickness, hunger, predators, or meddling humans.

How long do raccoons live tamed?

Although raccoons may seem like cuddly bandits that can be tamed, they’ll always have a wild streak. Their unpredictable nature and potential for mayhem make them rather unruly housemates. However, if they join your fur-family, these mischievous critters can live up to 20 years, which is a significant leap from their short-lived wild counterparts.

What is the life cycle of a racoon?

Imagine the raccoons, these masked bandits of the animal world, living daring and fleeting lives. Youthful raccoons taking the ultimate gamble, hoping to survive their first year and reach adulthood. For those who defy the odds, their journey continues for a potential three to sixteen years in the wild.

How long does a raccoon live in captivity?

Did you know that raccoons, nature’s mischievous masked bandits, live a short and adventurous 2-3 years in the great outdoors? However, these adaptable creatures can slow down, play it safe, and savor life for a whole 20 years when in captivity.

How long does a raccoon live in the wild?

Venturing through the wilderness, raccoons’ adventurous lifestyles grant them a spirited 2-3 year journey. However, when they switch gears to a life of domesticity, these clever critters can thrive for an astounding 20 years!

How long do baby raccoons stay with their mother?

Did you know, tiny raccoon adventurers bravely take on the world on their own just a mere 2-3 months after being born? However, these fuzzy bandits often prefer the warmth of family life, sticking together for a whole year before venturing out to create their own mischief.

What kind of environment does a raccoon need to survive?

Raccoons, nature’s curious bandits, thrive in an array of environments from dense woods flanking picturesque water bodies to farmlands and bustling human locales. Their resourcefulness leads them to reside in an enchanting variety of nooks, crannies, and unexpected hideaways, be it tree hollows, forsaken burrows, rocky hideouts, or even the cozy corners of human abodes!

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